There’s also theories that Greek and Roman mythology sprouted

The problem is that Pornhub, because it porn which is distasteful, doesn get access to the big advertising money like Apple and instead just gets fake dating site money which is small. After about five minutes of research, it seems like Pornhub video makers earn about $1.00/1000 ad views, where as Youtubers earn $7.60. So as badly as YouTubers get treated by demonitization and such, no way in hell more than couple would switch over to Pornhub.

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The New Stanton exit ramp to route 70 westbound was probably

Or we simply give up telling ourselves this is the way we are. Good news is: you don have to feel bad. There are practices you can adopt to elevate your mood, become more resilient, and enjoy life more. Yet some companies that pay their CEOs token salaries still compensate them in other ways. Roe counts 91 CEOs among companies in the Russell 3000 index that have had a nearly zero base salary in their most recent proxy. Of these, 22 saw virtually no pay, like Dorsey, and another eight received only benefits, perquisites or pensions valued at a relatively minimal for CEOs at least $100,000 or less..

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Clothes Accuracy in Visual to Visual Adaptations

There have been many video games that have been adapted to movies. With these adaptations, there would usually be a main character that has a costume based on someone from the video game itself. Whether these are the same character, a familiar face, or someone completely unrelated, how the person being focused on matters to the movie adaptation’s reception. Some notable adaptations that I would want to look at is Hitman and Assassin’s Creed.

In Hitman, the star of the show is a hitman known as Agent 47. 47 has showed up in nine games: Hitman Codename 47, Hitman Silent Assassin, Hitman Contracts, Hitman Blood Money, Hitman Trilogy which is a re-release of the previous three, Hitman Absolution, Hitman Go which is a mobile game imagining, Hitman Sniper, and a 2016 reboot just titled ‘Hitman’. 47 happens to have two films under his belt which gives some more to compare to.

Both of the Hitman films feature Agent 47 and costume-wise, it is hard to mess up. Things to look for are a bald head, a bar code tattoo on the back of head, a black suit with a red tie and white shirt, and possibly two silver pistols. Timothy Olyphant from the 2007 film displays all of these. Rupert Friend from the 2015 film also shows all of these. Easy costume equals easy costume accuracy.

In Assassin’s Creed, the main star tends to change between a few games. The games and their respective main characters I will be looking at are: Assassin’s Creed’s Altair, Assassin’s Creed 2′s Ezio Auditore, and Assassin’s Creed 3′s Connor Keyway. The protagonists, while different people from different times, do share a few qualities because of the group they belong to. These attributes are white robes with a big hood enough to obscure face, long sleeves, flowy leg length cloth that are not part of the costume’s pants, and a retractable arm blade on the left arm. There has only been one film in the series, but many games, so a few comparisons can still be made.

Michael Fassbender plays the titular assassin in the movie adaptation for Assassin’s Creed. Fassbender’s costume contains black robes with a big hood, dual arm blades, flowing leg length cloth, and long sleeves. Of these major costume choices, the differences are in the color of the robe and the extra arm blade. The arm blade difference though can be ignored because Ezio contains dual blades in most of his promotional art. Costume accuracy is mostly covered except for not wearing traditional white. Adaptation is accepted.