Difference Between Antique and Vintage Home Decor

Many Americans don’t know the true difference between “antique” and “vintage” home accessories and decor. Whether it’s furniture, wall art or a random knick-knack, not all home accessories can be classified as an “antique,” even if it’s at an antique store, nor is everything vintage, or even retro, for that matter. Here’s the low down on the differences between “antique,” “vintage,” “retro,” or “collectible” home decor.

What is Antique, Anyway?

Any item that is a minimum of 100 years of age is considered an “antique.” This applies to furniture, clothing, home accessories, paintings, old farm equipment-you name it. If it’s at least 100 (but no, you great great aunt does not count,) then it’s an antique.

So, Then What is “Vintage,” “Retro” or even “Collectible” Mean?

The actual definition of what’s classified as vintage, retro or collectible can vary from person to person, from dealer to dealer. Fortunately, there are a large group who feel the terms apply as follows:

The term collectible can refer to an item of any age between 0 and 99 years, as once it reaches 100 years of age, it is an antique for an intents and purposes. A variety of items can be deemed collectible from mid century modern styled furniture to a movie figurine produced in the 1980s.

Meanwhile, the term vintage refers to items that are typically less than 25 years of age. However, in some circles, vintage can also refer to items that have circled back into fashion, including those that are more or less than 25 years of age. The term can also be used to describe items from the 1960s into the late 1970s, making an official, wide-spread definition of the term a bit difficult. A number of home accessories from the 1960s to the 1970s are re-surging in popularity, including wall art such as Andy Warhol prints.

Finally, the word retro has also been thrown into the mix. Retro is a bit more easy to define, as the vast majority of people believe and accept that this particular term applies to items made during the 1950s. Though some believe that it refers to items that are between 50 and 99 years old, for example: it may also apply to items that are Art Deco in style, (which was during the 1930s). Examples of retro furniture include mid century modern furniture and home decor.

So How Do I Determine The Difference?

The truth is, unless there are papers or some other form of verification such as personal knowledge and a maker’s mark, it can be difficult to know exactly when an item was manufactured unless you are looking for a specific item that you have thoroughly researched. Even still, it’s easy to be fooled.

Look for reputable dealers, especially when looking for furniture or legitimate artwork and other wall decor pieces, as you don’t want to pay big bucks for a big fake. If you’re ever unsure, get in touch with a professional to come and evaluate the validity of the piece before you purchase.

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The Right Home Decor Accessory to Entice Up Your Home

The popular saying “Home Sweet Home” is so very true! Wherever we are or go in life, no matter what, we love to return home. Why not return home with a feeling of visiting your stress free oasis? All you need to accomplish this is purchasing the right home décor accessory. Finding the right home décor accessory can really entice up your home!

Maybe all you need is one masterpiece to add to the final touches of your exquisite home décor. You can make your home look enchanting by choosing the best home décor idea to suit your room’s furnishings. A home décor accessory will make an outstanding statement and express your personality! There are many different types of accessories and collections available one of which is the Designer’s Choice Collections. These collections feature superb home décor for every room in your home.

The Swept Away Collection can be added to a foyer to create an appeal of nature. You can demonstrate your appreciation for nature with the ornaments of this collection. The collection consists of a “Tree of Life” mirror, a butterfly Mack tray made out of hand stamped gold leafs, a cylinder vase with meadow pussywillow branches, a large Mother-of-Pearl box, a beautiful decorative headdress made out of hand-cut tins to form spectacular shapes of flowers, birds, and bells, and a marguerite bowl made out of dazzling brass formed in the shape of daisies. These stunning home decor accessories are placed on a mahogany tabletop to complete the Swept Away Collection. If you have an appreciation for nature then make the choice to be swept away with this attractive collection of nature-inspired pieces!

Every home needs an office whether it is for personal or business use. By decorating your home office, you will be more productive, because you will enjoy spending time in it. You will want to decorate your office to appeal to your taste. One way to do this is by adding fine home décor accessories such as lamps, organizers, and desk tools.

A Designer’s Choice Collection for the home office is called “The Sophisticated Office”. This fabulous collection expresses your professionalism by adding style to your office. The collection consists of an elegant antiqued brass lamp; vinyl textured wooden mouse pad, document storage box, notepad holder and three-section letter holder, sterling silver and mother-of-pearl magnifying glass and letter opener. Take the time to appreciate the hard work you have done by adding some exquisite home décor accessories to your office!

These are just a few of the themed Designer’s Choice Collections. You are encouraged to delight yourself by taking the time to define your personal living space. You won’t regret it and you will receive many compliments along the way! Also, you could always purchase a home décor gift for a special occasion or a housewarming gift. These brilliant collections can be a dazzling gift to show your token of appreciation!

When you are ready to add some new touches to your home, I guarantee you will satisfy your urge with the Home Accents and home decor available at MaterialPossessions.com And, to compliment your own decorating ideas, you should also consider the great Home Accent Decorating Ideas they regularly offer. Kris Goss is a regular contributor to Home Decor – Decorating Tips and Style Reviews.

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Home Decor Collectibles

As soon as one hears the term home décor collectibles, one conjures up images of art deco paintings, memorabilia, toys, games, toons, calendars, videos, clothing, accessories, posters, and what not. There are literally thousands of options available for collectors who are looking for antique home décor.

All kinds of collectible home décor though serve the same purpose of decorating and taking care of your home. One can find furnishings and accessories in the forms of wall paper and paintings that can make your living room look like a piece of art. You can now decorate your home office, master bedroom, kid’s room, nursery, or any other part of your home with collectible home décor. You can find thousands of collectible home décor stores spread across various cities, big and small. For those of you who would like to shop from the convenience of your homes, you always have the Internet, where you can find literally hundreds of online antique home décor merchants plugging thousands of products.

Try and shop with a reputed merchant when it comes to collectible home décor. A good dealer would give you a guarantee on their products. A good dealer also means that you are assured of the authenticity of the products. A good dealer can also ensure that you have a large range to choose from. If you have decided to shop online for antique home décor, you get the added advantage of comparing prices before making your purchasing decision.

The thing with collectible home decors is that there is something available to decorate every part of your home. Take for instance your kitchen. Those of you who thought a kitchen is a place for just cooking and making coffee, think again. A wide variety of kitchen collectibles are available to make your kitchen look great. They add vintage variety to your interiors, apart from adding chic. The same goes for collectible home decors for your bedroom or even your bathroom. There are a host of options available, when it comes to antique home décor.

You should always make sure that your collectible home décor has some resale value, just in case you may want to go in for other unique items or think of shifting base in the future. A good resale value is assured, when you select pieces that have some uniqueness about them. A home décor collectible that can be traced back to a reputed manufacturer is usually considered more valuable. Anyway, dated items are always much more in demand. Any home décor with period advertising on it also fetches more resale value, since it is considered more collectible. Check out online resources for more details on collectible home décor.

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